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Posted: 03-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. New York is famed as "the city that never sleeps" but London, reveals a new study, sleeps even less, as do over 30 other cities worldwide. None sleepless than Cairo, the strife-torn capital of Egypt, which is today named the "world's most 24-hour" city by a study of the world's most round-the-clock metropolises. But New York ranks a humiliating 32nd, behind London (17th), Paris (18th), Rome (27th) and an embarrassingly long list of other cities. The first global ranking of the world's "most 24-hour" - or most nocturnal - cities, comes from analysing 120 million online chat
Posted: November 30, 2017
UAE. The Indian Excellence Award is inspired by the UAE's initiative about women empowerment; The UAE has 23,000 businesswomen running investments estimated at US$13.6 billion, according to the UAE Gender Balance Council.
Posted: November 29, 2017
UAE. The Foundation is expanding its academic partnerships to 16 universities in 10 countries; 1,500 scholarships to be offered by 2018.
Posted: November 25, 2017
UAE. "The festive season is when different people wish for different things - and this is reflected in our focus."
Posted: November 22, 2017
UAE. Results announced at the Knowledge Summit 2017 in Dubai; The index identifies knowledge as an integral part of human life, affecting its social, economic and cultural aspects, as well as an engine for comprehensive and sustainable human development.
Posted: November 20, 2017
UAE. Al Forsan Village Town Square has now created a destination for food and coffee enthusiasts.
Posted: November 20, 2017
UAE. New landmark of sustainability has partnered with Zaha Hadid Architects and Al Futtaim Carillion.
Posted: November 18, 2017
SAUDI ARABIA. Findings from the Global Youth Survey, undertaken by Populus on behalf of the Misk Foundation, revealed that more than half fear that are not sufficiently tech-savvy to access the opportunities that will arise from the rush of technological progress.
Posted: November 15, 2017
UAE. The region is expected to see the launch of new, futuristic technologies at the Future Cities Show, to be held from April 9-11, 2018, that will change the way people live and work in urban environment.
Posted: November 3, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. The rise of artificial intelligence threatens to eliminate jobs once considered impossible to automate. Among those most rated likely to vanish are real estate brokers, insurance claims adjusters and sports referees.
Posted: November 3, 2017
UAE. Supported by the Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation, the initiative aims to create a pool of software coders to lead the Arab world into the digital era.
Posted: October 31, 2017
UAE. Thousands attended the largest-scale audio launch of its kind in the history of Indian cinema, while enthusiastic crowds watched the live stream of the event from the Burj Plaza and the Waterfront Promenade.
Posted: October 27, 2017
UAE. JLo tops an already spectacular list of performers to have mesmerised Airshow VIP's at the invitation-only event.
Posted: October 27, 2017
UAE. In the aftermath of the devastating category 5 hurricane Irma, which battered the island of Barbuda in September, the chairman of The James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation, is calling on philanthropists around the world to help rebuild the Caribbean island.
Posted: October 19, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but what problems do they want to solve. Maybe it's time to re-pose the question to our 6-year-old selves, who (not what) do I want to be in the future?
Posted: October 13, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. 44 of the world's cities ranked according to their "magnetism" in The Mori Memorial Foundation's GPCI 2017; Dubai featured for the first time with strong ratings for corporate tax rates, ranking No.11 in that category.


date:Posted: January 17, 2018
UAE. Here are the top five technology trends that digital leaders should invest in for 2018: Put your data to work; Re-invent how networks work; Automate your virtual assistant; Embrace all the clouds; Embed security in everything.
date:Posted: January 17, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. Zebra Technologies-IHL Group study examined the current and future retail marketplace in North America and EMEA region.
date:Posted: January 17, 2018
UAE. Consumers who own in-home digital voice assistant devices are using their smartphones less often for entertainment and online purchasing.
UAE. Here are the top five technology trends that digital leaders should invest in for 2018: Put your data to work; Re-invent how networks work; Automate your virtual assistant; Embrace all the clouds; Embed security in everything.