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Posted: 25-02-2008
INTERNATIONAL. In its latest monthly Global Focus, Standard Chartered predicts there will be no sharp upturn in the current US recession and it will have a global impact. The rest of world may be better insulated, but not decoupled, and as risk aversion mounts, countries with current account deficits will see their currencies under pressure.The big story that is set to continue to unfold over coming months, and indeed years, is how the balance of global economic and financial power is shifting, from West to East. But three issues currently stand out. First, how severe will be th
Posted: July 22, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. Ecomimicry embraces the health of the larger system of life and is regenerative. This new thinking is opening up a plethora of ideas about how we can rethink the way we design, build and live.
Posted: July 16, 2018
UAE. Dubai business community organisation hosts AXA's new remote 360 Doctor Check-up Station to empower its staff with medical screenings.
Posted: July 15, 2018
UAE. The attack, called "Thermanator", could use your body heat against you in order to steal your credentials or any other short string of text that you have typed on a computer keyboard.
Posted: July 15, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. AI is bigger than any one company, industry or country can address on its own. It will take the whole of our technology ecosystem and the world's governments to realize the full promise of AI; Priorities should include education and research.
Posted: July 14, 2018
UAE. When trade-off decisions have to be made, better visibility should be the number one priority, not greater control. It is better to be able to see everything in the cloud, than to attempt to control an incomplete portion of it.
Posted: July 12, 2018
UAE. The fundamental issue is not about developing new Cybersecurity capabilities as part of business strategy. Instead, it's about integrating them seamlessly.
Posted: July 10, 2018
SAUDI ARABIA. KPMG said that the Government's focus on reforms in a number of areas including laws and regulations would contribute to the acceleration of M&A activities in 2018
Posted: July 3, 2018
UAE. Combining the methods, tools, and techniques of ML and AI is the natural next step in managing the complexity of 5G and IoT.
Posted: July 3, 2018
UAE. Freight revenue has witnessed a decline of 5% every year since 2014 due to low oil prices and outdated infrastructure; T&L companies need to invest to transform their business model; Strategy& outlines a framework for T&L freight companies embarking on their digital transformation.
Posted: July 2, 2018
UAE. Working abroad loses appeal, workplace relationships remain priority, in global study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network; London continues to be the first-choice city for talent worldwide.
Posted: June 27, 2018
UAE. Modern ERP, robo-workers and AI could plug industry skills gap and help businesses get fit for digital transformation.
Posted: June 27, 2018
UAE. One of the main challenges to growth in the luxury industry in the Middle East according to the Deloitte report is retaining shoppers who might otherwise buy luxury goods elsewhere, mainly in European cities.
Posted: June 27, 2018
UAE. Cryptocurrency mining and cryptojacking offer cybercriminals lower risk, higher efficacy, ease of monetization of efforts; Adding passive exploitation to portolio of ransomware extortion, data breach theft, and fraud.
Posted: June 25, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. The digital age has thrown us all into a game of Survivor that requires a brave new strategy across all organisational silos; Want to be disruption's final survivor? Learn to beat it at its own game. Learn how to be disruptive yourself, first.
Posted: June 22, 2018
Bain & Company's spring luxury update highlights four trends shaping the personal luxury goods market in 2018 and beyond.


date:Posted: July 20, 2018
UAE. Burglars can't steal your property if they can't break into your house. Here are some extra precautions you should take before leaving for your holidays.
date:Posted: July 19, 2018
UAE. The technologies most valuable to national defence are those that maximise the nation's freedom to develop and use its military capability as it sees fit.
date:Posted: July 18, 2018
UAE. Predictive deep learning technology looks for suspicious attributes of malicious code and learns as it goes to provide constantly evolving protection for servers - even if systems are unpatched.