Creating the most impactful Ramadan communication in 2017
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Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 12:57 pm

UAE. A comprehensive Ramadan research by tiffinBOX Insights, the region’s only children’s research, consultation and engagement firm, maps the entire gamut of Ramadan values and emotions, with an exhaustive understanding of the children’s manifestations of these values during the Holy month.

The study identifies and explores new emotional spaces and give brands a guidebook on how to engage and communicate with their consumers in a more impactful manner, and stand apart from the general clutter during the Holy Month.

More than 70 Ramadan campaigns from the past few years were analyzed in order to identify these spaces and plot them on the Ramadan Values and Emotions map. Such analysis can further help a brand take note of the space its competition occupies, and align its Ramadan communication accordingly to make the maximum impact.

“By connecting with these deeper human motivations that our study uncovers, and reworking their communication to reflect and bring to life these emotions, brands can deeply connect with their consumers and definitely make a bigger impression,” said Varsha Sharma of tiffinBOX.

“tiffinBOX brings to the table a whole new approach to understanding the lives of the consumers. By combining the team’s experience, an advisory board of experts, age appropriate proprietary tools and techniques, tiffinBOX provides unparalleled support to brands, particularly those that cater to mothers and children,” she added.

After conducting fieldwork in Jeddah and Riyadh, including ethnographic interviews with mothers and children followed by ongoing online engagement during the 30 days of Ramadan, and also speaking to marketing and communication experts in the region, the research clearly mapped out and explored the core values of the Holy month, namely celebrations, kindness, spirituality, solidarity, simplicity, responsibility and togetherness.

The tiffinBOX initiative indicated that each of these values are linked to specific human emotions, ranging from exuberant outward expressions like euphoria, merriment, to comforting inward feelings like contentment, peace, to name a few.

According to Pratibha Jain Mathur, Co-founder of tiffinBOX Insights, the power of this study lies in its actionability. In addition to mapping and understanding the Ramadan values and emotions in detail, it has identified specific emotional spaces that are more cluttered than others, and a few new and emerging spaces, namely- solidarity and responsibility that could be embraced to break the clutter.
“It also clearly defines the role a brand should take to activate the identified value and its corresponding emotions. For example, if a brand decides to communicate with its consumers through the ‘kindness’ value, it should play the role of an ‘Angel’ brand, by being genuinely caring, selfless and compassionate. The study further details the marketing principles and communication routes for each Ramadan value and the corresponding brand roles”, she added.
One major point which came out of the study, according to the tiffinBOX team, was that ‘togetherness’ during Ramadan is increasingly becoming more ‘staged’ than ‘genuine’. Showcasing individuality, one-upmanship, formal settings and digital conversations have become more prevalent. However, the strong desire for close warm connections remains, and social platforms and digitized messages on apps were still seen as cold and impersonal and not in keeping with the mood of the month. 
In the context of children’s manifestations of Ramadan values, it was interesting to see that children could relate to some of the emerging values, like solidarity, and practice the value in their own little ways.

It was a matter of great pride for children and their mothers, in being able to walk the spiritual path by consistently fasting and praying, reading the quran and regularly going to the mosque. Their fasting journey from the time they were first introduced to the concept, to fasting throughout Ramadan, was full of emotions, rewards and moments of pride.

“Overall, while the month of Ramadan for children is mostly about joy, merriment, bonding, and maturing by learning rituals and traditions, for the mother it is an opportunity to raise a true muslim, a true social being, a true human & citizen, and take immense pride in it,” added Jain Mathur.

“The tiffinBOX experiment clearly defines the road map for marketers and brand managers to impactfully and most appropriately engage with its audience during the Holy month in the future, and specifically with the mothers and children in the region,” concluded Jain Mathur.

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About tiffinBOX Insights
tiffinBOX Insights is the region’s first children's research, consultation and engagement firm. A specialist division of SixthFactor Consulting, tiffinBOX is headquartered in Dubai and engages and executes projects across the globe. tiffinBOX aims to demystify the colorful lives of young people aged between four and twelve years by providing clients with business solutions to address the particular needs and wants of this key demographic.  Using the experience of the core team in conjunction with a consulting board of child psychology and behavior experts, and a mother and child panel in Saudi Arabia and UAE, tiffinBOX provides research solutions for brands targeting this specific demographic. tiffinBOX utilizes age appropriate proprietary tools and techniques to help brands develop a holistic understanding of this influential segment through their story-telling approach, and engage with them in a meaningful and responsible way.

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