NAXCO GROUP celebrates its 50th anniversary
Source: NAXCO Group , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Sat September 30, 2017 4:07 pm

PARIS. The Group is an international key player in the shipping industry and provides shipping, forwarding & logistics, NVOCC and port & marine services. NAXCO’s headquarters is based in Paris and there are 40 proprietary offices worldwide.

NAXCO is proud of what it has accomplished since its inception and of its position in the shipping industry.  “We are glad to celebrate this milestone, thanks to the sustained work of our employees and our loyal customers and partners” said Pascal FLANDIN, CEO.

This anniversary is the opportunity for NAXCO to reaffirm its closeness with its subsidiaries and staff. On this occasion, the top management has organized an international tour scheduled in 2017 which is still on the agenda.

It started in May in Le Havre, in France, and the last stop of the anniversary roadshow will be in December in the French West Indies. In total: 10 cities, 9 countries and some twenty subsidiaries visited. The programme of the roadshow: a cocktail in a friendly atmosphere with directors and teams of each subsidiary. 

Guy FOUCHEROT, Executive Chairman explained: “This roadshow is part of the celebration as we wanted to create an event dedicated to our staff that has delivered energy and efforts to make that new milestone, one of the vital components of our success”

Focus on the future The Group’s aim is to be as close as possible to clients and deliver an integrated set of global services in all the major geographical areas. “We pride ourselves to remaining fully committed to deliver the very best services to our customers” said Guy FOUCHEROT, adding that “the Group doesn’t like to sit down in the mainstream of its markets and then keep always an eye on new business opportunities to sustain the growth of its activities, news challenges being part of our DNA.”

The Past 50 Years The Group has its roots in France through AGENA (Agence Générale de Navigation) a shipping agency representing at that time SEALAND and has continuously developed its portfolio of clients with the success of the containerization. In the past 50 years, NAXCO has made a name for itself, as reliable and trustworthy shipping provider, trying things out, setting high performances standards, riding out the challenges and always making sure that we embrace change to be better prepared to thrive on the next business cycle. Since then, NAXCO has successfully been expanded and developed and comprises 24 entities worldwide.

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ABOUT NAXCO GROUP:  NAXCO is one of the largest fully integrated shipping and logistics provider. The French private Group, founded in 1967, is a leading and innovative global partner, present in all segments of the transport chain. With an extensive experience and through a reliable network, we offer complete, top-quality services tailored to our client’s needs and expectations.

NAXCO Group is composed of 24 affiliates and 410 employees worldwide, all active in Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics, NVOCC and Marine services. NAXCO Group continues to expand through acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, to serve you better.



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