Autorent unveils smart leasing solutions to propel UAE's AED2.1 billion markeplace
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Posted: Thu November 2, 2017 1:39 pm

UAE. With large businesses trying to reduce costs and a growing number of small to mid-sized businesses in almost all industry sectors, flexibility and diversity have become all the more important for corporate car hire providers in the UAE.

Autorent has more than 12,000 vehicles in its fleet; spread across 24 locations including seven in the UAE, besides Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Autorent has launched a campaign on long term leasing of its vehicles as business moves back-to-normal after a long summer break. From low budget to luxurious cars, the campaign aims to address the needs all categories of corporate customers. They can hire premium sedan brands for as low as AED1,599 a month while the brands of compact SUVs at AED1,499 a month. Furthermore, a 1.6 ltr sedan is available for AED999 per month.

“Small and medium enterprises that constitute 94 per cent of UAE enterprises are a significant segment for the car rental sector. It’s a growing community, each focused on their core business activity and happy to source their requirements from external suppliers.  Naturally, the net demand from such a vast sector is too big for any service provider, let alone car rentals, to ignore, according to Mr. Shakil Ahmad Khan, UAE Country Head of Autorent Car Rental.

“There is a challenge, and an opportunity too. The competitive business environment will force corporate fleet managers to monitor their budget and inventory, meaning some old vehicles will be retained at the expense of new purchases despite the risk of higher maintenance costs. Attractive pricing, wider choice of vehicles and customer service when well-packaged can provide a viable alternative to maintaining a corporate fleet,” added Mr. Khan.

Autorent’s strength of its regional network, young and diverse fleet, in-house service facility, vehicles of choice, along with anytime quick replacement and 24/7 emergency replacement are some of the brand’s core strengths. The Autorent fleet comprises of a spectrum of brands across SUVs, premium saloons and sedans.

“Even those corporate clients who want to drive down costs insist on premium vehicles, because it’s often linked to their brand value and image,” Khan says recalling his experience as a car hire provider to multinationals operating in the UAE and some of the region’s best known brands. “At Autorent we have built a fleet that balances such concerns with cost and best-in-class customer service. We provide our clients with any brand of cars that the desire and their choices are not restricted to a handful of brands. That is our key differentiator,” added Mr. Khan.

Corporate clients of Autorent can choose from short to long term leasing of vehicles, from 6 to 60 months, with full maintenance guaranteed and a key account manager to support in addition to a dedicated call centre.

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1. (above)  Shakil Ahmad Khan, UAE Country Head of Autorent Car Rental.
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About Autorent Car Rental LLC:
Autorent Car Rental LLC is a leading car hire & leasing service provider with more than 12,000 vehicles in its fleet; spread across 24 locations including seven in the UAE, besides Oman and Saudi Arabia. Autorent offers a wide array of services including car rental & car leasing services. The company was recently awarded ‘Best Car Rental Brand in UAE’ by Global Brands Magazine.

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