The Promenade and Cubical Services launch the first retail incubator in Kuwait: SoapBox
Source: Action Kuwait , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Sun December 17, 2017 1:39 pm

KUWAIT. As part of their commitment to supporting entrepreneurial development, The Promenade and Cubical Services have collaborated to bring you SoapBox, Kuwait’s first retail incubator.

The press conference announced the launch of, an online portal where entrepreneurs can submit applications for retail space at SoapBox.

Held at the Promenade Culture Centre, the event was attended by representatives of The Promenade, Cubical Services Business Incubator, Ministry of Youth, and Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development.

Located at The Promenade, Soapbox is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs; offering fully-fitted shop space, with low overhead and flexible terms. SoapBox will also feature an e-commerce portal for tenants to reach an even wider audience and market their products and services online. In addition, tenants at SoapBox will have access to Cubical Services’ expert consultation and support services for SMEs.

The Promenade Management Team commented: “At The Promenade, we endeavor to harness talent, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit, and therefore we are very pleased to be launching SoapBox in partnership with Cubical Services. Our vision has been to create a space where entrepreneurs have a platform to be heard and to succeed, therefore SoapBox offers young businesses a vibrant space to be creative and to be able to easily elevate their business models for greater exposure. With the support of Cubical Services, Ministry of Youth, and the Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development, we are confident this will be a successful venture and benefit the local entrepreneurial community.”

“Cubical Services is proud to be launching the first ever retail incubator in Kuwait, in collaboration with The Promenade. This business model is the only one of its kind where entrepreneurs can receive constant support, guidance, and advice to ensure that their businesses grow and reach their full potential. Our commitment has been to ensure that the local business community in Kuwait thrives, and we are pleased that SoapBox supports that vision,” stated the management of Cubical Services Business Incubator.

Ministry of Youth stated: “The Ministry of Youth is pleased to be supporting initiatives in Kuwait that benefit the youth of Kuwait. There has been a much needed space for young entrepreneurs to be able to grow their business and harness their talents in a supportive environment such as SoapBox. We look forward to supporting The Promenade and Cubical Services Business Incubator in making SoapBox a great success in Kuwait.”

“Kuwait in 2017 is living an eventful and young era for the Arabic youth, and Kuwait is the capital of Arabic youth where they are proving their capabilities to take responsibilities generation after generation,” the Ministry of Youth added.

In addition to offering shop spaces, SoapBox will also feature a community space where workshops for entrepreneurs, events, and activities will be held throughout the year.

To apply for a space at SoapBox, please visit

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