Why getting an MBA can be the right thing to do when you are being made redundant
Source: Guest Post , Author: Bill Clark
Posted: Tue January 2, 2018 2:03 pm

INTERNATIONAL. The news that you are being made redundant from your job can be life changing, especially if it came out of nowhere and you'd had plans to stay with your company long term.

However, while it can be unsettling, it can also present you with a chance to take some time out of work and do something else you have always wanted to.

Returning to school is an option that can work out very well when a redundancy occurs. You may have enough of a payout to sustain you while you take time out from your career to study, or at least to allow you to live off of a more casual, lower paid job and study in your spare time.

For many people, getting a masters is the obvious choice, and an MBA can be the ideal masters to choose. Here are some of the reasons why getting an MBA after a redundancy can be such a good idea:

Make Your Next Job a Step Up The Ladder
An MBA is a hugely well respected degree, and can open doors that you won't have open to you right now if you simply look for an equivalent job to the one you just lost. If you are looking to move from middle management to a more senior position, even a board level job, that qualification can be well worth taking some time out to get while you have this opportunity.

The Possibility of Starting your Own Business
Another thing many people decide to do when they lose their employment to redundancy is to start up on their own – either in their existing field or with a business that relates to a passion they had outside of work. The things you can study while working towards an online MBA degree like those available from great colleges like Northeastern University can really equip you to start up on your own, and so as well as adding to your resume for employment you'll also be adding to your skill set with the possibility of running your own new company.

Bring Back Your Work Life Motivation
Another reason to study for a masters in business administration online when you have been made redundant is that it can do wonders for your professional motivation. A redundancy can feel like a huge setback and make you doubt both your own abilities and your choice of career. By studying for your MBA you can regain your enthusiasm for the business world and also feel assured that you are yourself improving in terms of your skill set. This can make a huge difference to your mindset and help you feel focused on the future after an upset in your career like a redundancy.

If you have received notice recently that you will be being made redundant, enrolling on an MBA course with a good online university could be just what you need to get better chances in the future and reignite your enthusiasm for what you do.

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