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New website aims to help consumers make more informed decisions
Source: Qayyem , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon January 1, 2018 2:23 pm

UAE. The internet brings people together and makes communication seamless between people. Two new websites are aiming to help consumers in United Arab Emirates and Kuwait inform each other and make great decisions when spending their hard earned money.

The websites crowd source reviews for business in all sectors including retail, travel, restaurants, and more. In United Arab Emirates, people can visit  while users in Kuwait can access

Using the power of the internet, Qayyem is bringing together the experiences of shoppers, diners, and travelers to help build a wealth of information that other users can access to inform their own buying decisions.

The 5-star rating system makes the app intuitive and easy to understand. Qayyem uses an AI spam detector as well as human review when necessary in order to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of reviews. Users can trust what they see and read on Qayyem.

One of the other great advantages of Qayyem over other similar services is the localized focus. Qayyem has been designed for a specific region to suit the unique needs and tastes of their users.

Best of all, for users on the go, there is an Android app and iOS app available for Qayyem. Users can see ratings while out and about to ensure that they make the best decisions with their money. Plus, users can earn points for each approved review.

Points can then be exchanged for amazing rewards – just for simply sharing their own experiences!

For businesses, Qayyem offers a platform where their great service speaks for itself. Businesses that go above and beyond will stand out on Qayyem thanks to their great reviews from satisfied customers. Any business that takes pride in what they do should feel incredibly excited about what Qayyem can do. One great review can lead to repeat business and new customers. There are 130,000 business already registered in UAE and 10,000 businesses registered in Kuwait. If you need a product or service; chances are you can find it on Qayyem.

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About Qayyem
Using crowd sourced reviews and experiences, and allow users to share their reviews about businesses with other users who want to make an informed buying decision. Sign up is fast and easy.

Plus, users can access Qayyem on the go with the convenient iOS and Android app. Qayyem uses the power of the internet to bring users together to share experiences. Available in English and Arabic to suit the needs of all users.



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