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Getting ahead with your business website
Source: Guest Post , Author: Bill Clark
Posted: Fri January 5, 2018 11:27 am

INTERNATIONAL. Accelerating your business by pushing its online and offline agenda is one of the best ways to get ahead in 2018. Pulling in new clients through a services-based web site with a thought-provoking blog or marketing using affiliate networks has the potential to increase your sales significantly given enough road for growth.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to push your business forward during 2018.

Content Marketing
Using content marketing on a business website is usually achieved via a blog. Posting about relevant topics for the prospective or current clients (and not what’s of interest to people who work within the industry) gains the attention of a wider audience. Industry sites are likely to link to content that’s researched and written well when reaching out to contacts to drum up interest in the blog.

By using an outreach campaign to get links from other sites to your own, you can build up a strong backlink profile and improve your ranking for useful search terms that may drive additional traffic to the business site. With a good landing page and site organization, the targeted traffic can be turned into new sales.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing as an originator provides the opportunity to sell more goods and pay out a commission to web sites that help find customers and refer them to your company’s web site to complete the purchase. With smaller companies, or when in the early stages of working with affiliates to sell product, it may not make sense yet to run an affiliate network internally. Therefore, a network like LinkShare or Commission Junction makes sense to simplify managing the affiliate payouts and streamlining the process.

For companies that are large enough, running an affiliate network is an interesting option rather than relying on a third-party affiliate network as a go-between. Running your own network using SaaS software for affiliates to log into, you’re able to keep more of the revenue to grow the business or choose to pay higher commissions to the affiliates because the affiliate network is not taking their own cut out of the revenue too.

Advancing Your Business Knowledge
Merging the worlds of business and online enterprise is useful. It’s also beneficial to study for an online MBA to learn from an academic standpoint via a qualification like a Healthcare MBA where there’s the option to specialize in healthcare, while also covering a full range of business topics that will help to manage and grow a business upon graduation.

There is certainly a benefit to taking on a broad range of knowledge from various industries in your studies because it prepares you for any eventuality. Whether needing to think on your feet quickly or adapt to rapidly changing situations, taking ideas from how people operate in different fields is valuable to entrepreneurs and business operators at every level.

Being adaptable to changes is improved by learning about case studies across different unrelated industries because it helps shape critical thinking at important moments. With a greater number of examples, forming new strategies in a shifting marketplace becomes easier which is where being a multi-disciplinarian is useful. Growth for businesses in the online arena in the coming years will be all about adaptation to survive and thrive as internet business becomes ever more competitive.

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