DiscoverBlockchain to revolutionize knowledge sharing in UAE with launch of education & recruitment network
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Posted: Mon June 25, 2018 3:11 pm

UAE. The Digital learning company, DiscoverBlockchain, has announced plans to develop a blockchain-based network that will enable users to securely work and exchange knowledge.

The company aims to create a sufficiently flexible ecosystem that will serve both the theoretic expansion of blockchain knowledge and the applied development of blockchain initiatives.

Platforms facilitating e-learning and recruitment have long been in the market, but the control has never been in the users’ hands. Additionally, no singlehanded platform exists supporting an ecosystem solely focusing on research, development, education and recruitment. This is where DiscoverBlockchain’s validation algorithm comes into play by fairly measuring engagement and allowing students to progress into service providers.

For academics, learners and contributors to the distributed ledger mindspace, DiscoverBlockchain provides a platform for publication, peer-review, education and experimentation. For entrepreneurs and contractors looking to contract a service or build a team, DiscoverBlockchain’s job board employs the new standards of security and global payment enabled by cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain technology is not limited to just finance—it is showing promise in revolutionizing services in all kinds of sectors. It is enabling network users to securely and easily exchange information, expertise and permissions without the need of an established trust between network participants. It aims at facilitating a connection between different groups like content creators, educators, learners, API developers and moderators,” said Melissa Yacoub, Co-Founder and CEO of DiscoverBlockchain. “We believe in a complete, flexible experience for everyone—even an experienced professional can learn an additional skill from a younger developer. We have created a transparent and fair network, including a marketplace and education platform, that will change the dynamics in the blockchain industry.”

“Given the UAE’s commitment to blockchain, we are going to see a number of universities and professional organizations start offering blockchain programs. DiscoverBlockchain can be a facilitator to fill the knowledge gap by attending to the educational and professional needs of individuals and leaders looking to expand their understanding and application of the technology and as such, we are very excited to introduce this groundbreaking platform in the region,” continued Melissa.

The Integrating Principle: Validation by Involvement
DiscoverSCORE (DSCORE) is a new and intuitive methodology to validate people and ideas. For every user on the platform, DiscoverBlockchain derives a DSCORE—a validated, at-a-glance summation of their involvement with distributed ledger technology.

-  DSCORE is a weighted aggregate of a users’ history as a student, teacher, entrepreneur, and contractor — integrating their studies, intellectual contributions, projects initiated, and jobs undertaken into a single value representing their relative involvement in the ecosystem of Blockchain.
-  Rather than being a linear value associated with an individual’s quantity of work done or quality of feedback received, the aggregate derives involvement contextually — consistently reorienting itself based on the changing valuation of the content studied or contributed, and the changing involvement of other individuals previously interacted with. will launch its token sale on October 1st, 2018, offering up to 360,000,000 tokens to the general public. The sale seeks to raise the funds needed for the continued development of its knowledge sharing platform, with the majority of proceeds dedicated to company growth.

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About is both an educational and professional marketplace aimed at helping clients and individuals connect with skilled Blockchain Technology educators, contractors and entrepreneurs. At the heart of the technology is the transparent and objective DiscoverSCORE validation algorithm, which differentiates it from other freelance marketplaces.

About the Founders

Melissa Yacoub
Co-Founder & CEO
Informed by years of experience in Recruitment and Human Resources, Melissa, a Turkish-Lebanese entrepreneur fluent in 5 languages, pivoted toward distributed ledger technology as the proper next generation system for remote networking. From its inception, DiscoverBlockchain’s strategic and aesthetic goals were established and pursued under Melissa’s leadership. In the current phase of development, Melissa is selecting the correct partnerships and executive team that will deliver her vision to reality.

Aleksandar Djordjevic
Co-Founder & CTO
Team leader and tech developer of over 10 years, Alex’s software company Mirror Code has been tapped by such clients as DHL, Nike, NVIDIA as well as Blockchain Projects. After grooming a variety of Blockchain clientele, he leveraged his full resources to join Melissa in building DiscoverBlockchain. Alex is currently working hands-on to map out the architecture for DiscoverBlockchain’s knowledge and identity frameworks.

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