ameliorate provides organizations with new keys to unlock human capital potentials
Source: AETOS Wire for ameliorate , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Thu June 28, 2018 12:52 pm

UAE. -- (AETOSWire) -- ameliorate FZE, an international human capital enabler, entered the UAE market to support organizations in unlocking the real potentials of their employees with a focus on sales skills, using the latest learning techniques in the industry.

The step comes in line with the company’s philosophy ‘Employee Growth’ which matters to every organization with top talent in a competitive market. Growth is inevitable and the meaningful change in employees is crucial for organizations that aim to excel.

“Potential is the amount of resources that you already have, and our task is to ensure that employees connect with the real amount of their potential,” commented Melissa L. Schlimm, Founder and General Manager of ameliorate FZE. “Our key to success is to be able to engage clients to perceive new perspectives and trigger immediate action thinking as a result.”

ameliorate FZE focuses on three pillars to create engagement in their clients and enable them to ultimately grow. The pillars are: a positive mindset, commitment and personal ownership.

“The positive mindset attitude of ‘I can do,’ the commitment of ‘I want to do’ and the personal ownership of ‘I will do’ are the three pillars that support our growth to create meaningful change. We believe in the words of the renowned artist Sean Combs who said: old ways don’t open new doors,” added Schlimm.

The Ameliorate Way is a 3-Phases-Process for sustainable employee growth. During the first phase ameliorate assesses the competencies that need development, since is important for organizations to measure effectiveness. These competencies include: Learning and Development; Training Conception and Delivery; and HR Management.

Phase 2 focuses on training to teach tools and methodologies that are not only consistent across the organization, but also aligned with an organization’s strategy.

The third phase is the most important step for the employee, i.e. the implementation of the learnings which is supplemented by 1:1 coaching. This is the phase most organizations don’t always get right, as they fail to understand that training is only opening the door to their employees’ potential.

The Founder and General Manager of ameliorate FZE concluded, “Bringing a positive mindset to challenges in areas of growth is the first step to enable a shift in perspective.

Commitment to this learning experience helps to leave old ways behind and open new doors. Personal ownership of areas of growth is supported with coaching whilst training provides the tools needed to start this journey of meaningful perspective change.”

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About Melissa L. Schlimm
A believer in the power of a positive mindset, Founder and General Manager of ameliorate FZE Melissa L. Schlimm is a highly energetic and motivational facilitator and coach. With a focus on helping individuals flourish, even when dealing with stress or adversity, she enables her clients to move forward by inviting them into a change of perspective.



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